ALPHA AI changelog

5.0.5  - June 29, 2023

- Add 2 more AI modules (Plain and hollow model)
- Combined Crown and Bridge modules under the same dropdown
- Add round corner on SOL Middle BP
- Software remembers the last printing setup configuration upon opening
- Solve bug: hiding printer crash issue

5.0.4  - April 25, 2023

- Add Nesting function in AI
- Add log about the connection(with server)(Path : C:\ALPHA AI\Bin\Log\)

- Solve bug : hiding printer crash issue.
- Solve bug : Cannot find printer after slicing.

5.0.3  - March 22, 2023

- Provide STL files in the this folder "C/3DP Data/Sample STL"
- Add cancel icon during slicing process
- Add hint if no printer can be found after scanning 
- Function of hiding printer and resin. (User will only choose the printers and resins he wants to use)
- Add icons for shift, rotate, zoom in/out to be able to use our SW with the laptop pad
- Auto STL recovery function if crash
- STL overlapping detection (will be in purple if it is overlapped)
-  Solve bug: base automatically added after going to support
-  Solve Z adjusting bug after copy STL