• Digital workflow 

3D printing technologies improved the connection in the digital workflow from the digital scanning acquisition to the manufacturing process. Producing dental applications requires a specific workflow and use of specific resin. Ackuretta Solution is aligned with dentist digital workflow and can efficiently produce a wide range of dental applications. Ackuretta provides the slicing software, the printer, resins and post processing devices. This solution is compatible with all dental scan and CAD solutions. 

After digital acquisition of the patient 's mouth via an intraoral scanner, dental practitioners will design dental applications using specialized CAD software. Once dental appliance design is completed CAD software generates a STL of the 3D geometry. 

ALPHA AI is a slicing software specialized in dental application. ALPHA AI will load STL files, orient the model,  help design support, slice the file and send it via remote printing commands to the printer. 

  • Printing 


Ackuretta printer is an open system compatible with more than 150 validated resins for SOL and  for DENTIQ. Printers and build platforms are made for a tailored workflow that fits with your application. CURO Resins have different shades that can be adapted to patients' mouth characteristics CURO webpage 

Before using a resin, you must shake the bottle for at least two minutes to make sure it is thoroughly mixed and has the right consistency. This step is necessary before every print to be sure of a successful print. 

Once the resin has been shaken and poured in the vat,  stir the resin with a soft object like a plastic spatula until the resin has an homogeneous consistency. Using sharp objects will damage the vat film so do not put sharp objects inside the vat!


Our printers are plug and play and do not require z- axis calibration at the first print. Print with the hood closed so that your print and resin is not affected by the ambient UV light and/or external contamination. Otherwise you may need to equip your environment with UV protected light



If you shut down the printer during the print process, the printer pauses and will give you the option to resume the print from the last layer when you turn the printer back on.


Once the print is done, we will recommend removing objects from the build platform using a utility knife or a scrapper. You can also use a mallet for models.


After printing you can keep your resin in the vat after a print in a drawer or in your black vat box to protect it safely against the light and dust. You must also stir it thoroughly again before starting another print.

Following these steps you should consistently obtain good results with your prints. However, there are many factors that can cause a failure, such as a misprint of a layer which will cause a delamination of the object.


If a print fails please use the Clean vat function. Please find a video about print vat function here [SOL – Cleaning the Vat] You do not need to use this function after every print. 

Our support team is dedicated to providing you help and advice if you have any issue. Most parts can be easily replaced without you needing to send your printer to us. Please register to the user dashboard to get access to our detailed troubleshooting steps at any time 

  • Post processing 


Once the print is completed, your print requires different steps of post-processing. Post-processing procedure consists of cleaning the print, removing supports, and then post-curing the print for a few minutes. 

CLEANI dual tank washer is specialized for washing print. Once cleaning is completed you will need to dry the printed part efficiently to avoid that alcohol discolored or damage the print. 

CURIE is a UV oven that post-cure the print to improve the print safety and mechanical properties. 


Since each resin viscosity and filler are not the same, they require specific calibration parameters of CURIE UV oven that include time, power, duty cycle. Please find the post curing settings in the following documents.

Find more about the post processing step on our dedicated video


Our CURIE oven is validated with our 3D printing solution, if you use a different uv curing oven, you should make sure to verify the parameters. Ackuretta does not guarantee successful results with a non-validated unit. .