User Dashboard

Account registration

You can connect to the user dashboard with the following link.

If it's your first time on the user dashboard you will need to create an account with your information, please make sure to enter correct and complete information otherwise we may refuse any warranty extension.  


If you lose your password please reach the following webpage

If you wish to delete your account, please open a ticket directly with us.


Product registration

To register your device, go to the “My devices” section and click Add devices then enter the serial number. 



You can find your device serial number on the back of the device. 



If your device is already registered, you will need to contact us on the following ticket form. 

When you enter your device serial number, make sure the serial number is on the back of the device. If the issue persists or device registration is blocked please open a ticket with us on the following ticket with the serial number. 



To unregister your device you can use the unregistered function. 



If you need to transfer device ownership, unregister your device. The device can be registered by another user. 


You need to register your printer first then access it via the Support Section.