Printers - Plug & Play

SOL and DENTIQ are professional 3D printers for dental applications that use LCD technology  which is a photopolymerization of the resin exposed to UV light. The resin will be cured in a certain pattern thanks to the LCD panel. 

They are very low maintenance printers in consumable materials, electricity, cleaning and tech service. You can find more information about SOL in this article.

SOL and DENTIQ are easy to set up and don't need resin calibration or z-axis calibration before the first use. Calibration was already performed by our team with more than 150 resins. You can consult the list of calibrated resin directly from the SOL page and DENTIQ page.  

Ackuretta printers are easy to set up and ready to print in only a few minutes to start printing. Our printers are plug-and-play and with our software the print file will take you less than five minutes:

  • Just turn on the printer
  • Connect to the internet
  • Pour the vat with 100 mL resins 
  • Printer is ready to print your dental appliances 

Find the list of appliances in our dedicated article.