Partner resins


Ackuretta 3D printers SOL and DENTIQ are compatible with more than 150 pre-calibrated resins that are listed on our website. 


Find here the complete list of resin compatibility for SOL and DENTIQ


Our light-curing 3d printing works with 385 - 405 nm wavelength photosensitive resin.


Printing settings can be adjusted in ALPHA AI in the details section.


Ackuretta strongly recommends that you do not try calibrating the resin yourself. Ackuretta validates all resin to deliver the best mechanical properties, accuracy and ensure the required biocompatibility. Not validated settings will not be supported by Ackuretta. 


After the post-curing process, all of our validated resins are safe and certified for their intended purpose. Please refer to the Instructions for Use (IFU) for detailed information.