CURO Resin

CURO photopolymer resins are the way to go for printing your dental application. 

Photopolymer resin are composed of photoinitiators that upon radiation of light decompose into reactive species, activating the polymerization. The result is the formation of a solid print  with different mechanical properties suitable for dental applications. CURO Serie has been adapted for dental appliances.
After the post-curing process, all of our resins are safe and certified for their intended purpose. 


All CURO resins are validated with the CURIE post-curing process. Please refer to the Instructions for Use (IFU) for detailed information.


CURO resins are not water washable and cannot be effectively cleaned with water. IPA 95% or Ethyl alcohol are necessary for cleaning prints made from CURO resins. For the resin left in the vat, if the printer is  stored at room temperature and low humidity condition you can temporarily leave your vat with resin on the printer with the hood closed, ready and waiting for the next print.



Nitrogen is not necessary when post-curing CURO resins. However, they do yield fractionally better results with the use of nitrogen.


CURO resins, our 3D printing materials are available online and through our local distributor in your region.


All resins available from Ackuretta have a 2-year guaranteed shelf life.

CURO Model and Element 


CURO Model and CURO Element are especially designed with thermoforming in mind. They do not show any signs of deformation due to the temperature and pressure that is generated during the thermoforming process.


It costs between US$1.50 and US$2 to print one arch using CURO Model 3D printing material.

Q: How long can CURO Crown be used in the mouth? (long) 

CURO Crown is a Class IIa biocompatible resin dedicated for printing semi-permanent crowns, dentures, bridges, all on 4. 

CURO Crown has been designed for long-term temporary usage. Therefore, it can be safely used for up to 1 year in the mouth.


It takes approximately 10 milliliters of resin to print one arch. However, with wastage, you can expect to print approximately 70 arches from one liter of resin.


Crown will cost USD$0.2 and  full denture USD$1 to be produced. You can refer the cost here

and to the product page here []  

CURO ProDenture

CURO ProDenture is dedicated to complete dentures. Our several shades of CURO ProDenture are made to fit with your patient mouth inner characteristic to make the denture look more natural. 

CURO ProDenture has been designed for long-term temporary usage. Therefore, it can be safely used for up to 1 year in the mouth.

You can find more about our resin on our dedicated webpage [


Curo Cast is made for castable crown and removable RPD. 

To burnout CURO cast resin please refer to the Instructions of Use 

CURO Splint  

CURO splint is a hard splint material that remains hard, even during oral insertion.

CURO Guide 


CURO Guide has been formulated to resist the force generated by a drill. With more than 1000 active customers using it for several years, it is proven to be safe and is certified to be a validated solution.