Why does CURIE Plus require an internet connection? 

Connecting CURIE Plus to the internet, via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, will enable automatic Resin Library . This feature enhances the user experience by ensuring your equipment is always up to date with the newest resin profiles and improvements to existing curing parameters.

Whenever a firmware update is released, the interface will send a notification, via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. You can update your CURIE Plus firmware by clicking on the ‘Bell’ icon. 

CURIE Plus can work without an internet connection, but the Resin Library and firmware will not be updated, which could lead to post-curing issues. We recommend keeping CURIE Plus connected to the internet at all times. Connecting it at least once every 7 days is essential, to ensure your Resin Library and firmware are up-to-date.

How does the connection between CURIE Plus and SOL streamline the curing process?

CURIE Plus will load the resin parameters from the latest printing jobs directly from your SOL(s). Before your printing job has been completed, turn on CURIE Plus and connect to the same network as your SOL(s). Once you have confirmed “Print Successful”, CURIE Plus will receive the curing parameters of the successful prints, which can be found in “Recent Prints''. Select the print job you wish to cure, and curing will begin automatically. 

This feature provides a seamless integration with a one-click workflow from printing to curing, ensuring accurate curing parameters, and helping to prevent post curing errors. To use this feature, make sure your SOL is updated to the latest firmware.

What are the benefits of using nitrogen with CURIE Plus?  

CURIE Plus is built to integrate a nitrogen flow into the UV chamber. Oxygen has a UV inhibition effect that can reduce curing performance, while nitrogen gas is an inert gas which helps create an oxygen-free environment inside the curing chamber. Using nitrogen during the curing process improves the quality of the prints, by enhancing mechanical properties and improving the color and finishing of your prints.


Can I use a third-party nitrogen tank or nitrogen generator? 

You can connect a third-party nitrogen tank or generator to your CURIE Plus. When selecting a third-party nitrogen tank, please ensure it follows the specifications outlined in the instructions document. We do not have specifications for the use of a third-party nitrogen generator, due to the range of possible variables. 

CURIE Plus is compatible with third-party N2 sources, but the workflow cannot be officially validated since we cannot determine what equipment you have to generate the nitrogen. We are therefore not responsible for the final result. Please consult: to get more information.


How big is the CURIE Plus chamber? 

The curing area is 20 x 15 cm. It can accommodate up to 8 full arches at the same time.


Can I use my own curing settings? 

You can create up to 5 custom curing parameters, with or without nitrogen settings. Go to Menu > Custom Curing Parameters, and select your curing mode – either with or without NFinity. Then enter Time, Power, Duty Cycle, and choose Bottom Light ON or OFF.

What does "Validation in progress" mean?

"Validation in progress" resins are resins that are calibrated by Ackuretta but not yet officially validated by the resin manufacturers for CURIE Plus. We are continuously working with the resin manufacturers to validate their resins on the CURIE Plus. Once the resins are officially validated by the resin manufacturers, their status "Validation in progress" on the CURIE Plus will be removed.

Even though these resins are not yet validated by the resin manufacturers, the parameters have been calibrated by Ackuretta in order to obtain optimal post cure performance.

How can I clean the glass in my CURIE Plus? 

Dirty glass can reduce the curing performance and compromise the biocompatibility of your prints. Be sure to visually check the glass regularly, and if necessary, clean it by using a cloth or wipes with 95% alcohol.

How do I safely turn off my CURIE Plus?

Switch off your CURIE Plus using the power switch on the back of the machine. Then disconnect the power cable.

My print SOL print file doesn't appear on my CURIE Plus?

If your print file don't appear on CURIE Plus then make sure SOL printer and CURIE Plus are on the same network. Please also make sure to allow CURIE Plus and SOL in your firewall.