When your part is fully printed, it remains on the build platform in the final form. However the polymerization reaction has not been completed, and therefore, full mechanical properties have not yet been delivered. This final process is called post curing and is delivered by our CURIE and UV box devices. Post curing device’s UV light will unlock the full potential of your 3D print. 


CURIE is suitable for Class II materials with a validated workflow with more than 150 pre-calibrated resins.

CURIE is recognized by the FDA, MDR-EU, and other international regulatory bodies and can be used to  safely post cure dental appliances to a high standard.  CURIE uses three different pre-calibrated UV wavelengths (i.e. 405nm, 385, and 365) for a large range of resins.

Having a mix-matrix LED curing solution improves the curing depth and curing speed. Post curing step is essential to avoid non cured resin toxicity


Validated resins are listed on our website including the CURIE calibration parameters. CURIE has been officially validated by many resin manufacturers, such as Dentona, Keystone, Voco, DMG, NextDent and more. 


CURIE library is regularly updated. Reach our CURIE library update page to get the latest version. 


CURIE supports both 220V and 110V input.The dimensions of the CURIE are 200 (L) x 220 (W) x 160 mm (H). Please refer to the product page for CURIE specifications  


Like most powered products, the lights in UV ovens do degrade over time. This wear and tear is normal and to be expected. The degradation of the LEDs in the CURIE and UV Box is only gradual over the first five years of usage.

CURIE comes with a 1-year warranty.