Application and Workflow

3D printers technologies improved the connection in the digital workflow from the intraoral scanning acquisition to the manufacturing process. Using our ecosystem including Alpha 3D software, SOL and DENTIQ printers, and our post processing units CURIE and CLEANI allows you to efficiently produce a wide range of dental appliances. 

Producing dental applications requires a specific workflow and use of specific resin. Ackuretta Ecosystem is an open system compatible with more than 150+ compatible resin, please find the complete list of resin compatibility for SOL and  for DENTIQ

Once the design is completed with our Alpha 3D software, please send the file to the printer. Before using a resin, you must shake the bottle for two minutes to make sure it is thoroughly mixed.

This step is necessary before every print to be sure of a successful print. You should shake your resin for at least two minutes by hand to mix it thoroughly and make sure the resin has the right consistency.  Once the resin has been shaken please pour it into the vat. If the resin stay in the vat more than 10 minutes without stirring, please make sure to stir it before starting a print.

The workflows can sometimes also be modified to accommodate the user's preferences. You can find more about our resin on our dedicated webpage. Please contact our team to help you develop a workflow that fits with your applications.

Applications also require different forms of post-processing. Post-processing procedure consists of cleaning the print, removing supports, and then post-curing the print for a few minutes in  CURIE . Since each resin viscosity and filler are not the same, they require specific calibration time of CURIE post processing.