ALPHA AI Premium

ALPHA AI Premium function includes:

AI function will recognize the part and  directly orient the application before  auto generates the support then you don't need to take care of support generation. It provides the optimal orientation and support for each application. 


AI functions regularly integrate new applications. We keep an update directly on ALPHA AI software and our newsletter. 

STL-format is the standard file format used by slicing software to design, support and generate the print. This format is compatible with any other slicing software like ALPHA AI. 

By being able to export STL format files, give abilities to print your design on every other printer in the market. Check our article for more information. 


50 STL exports per month are included in the subscription, you will need another subscription to extended this limit  



ALPHA AI subscription plan and pricing are further detailed on ALPHA AI page and on the instruction guide.

At ALPHA AI subscription and on billing day you will receive an automated email that contains billing details. To verify the remaining day on your ALPHA AI, open the software and click on ALPHA AI premium logo (“A” white and purple) that allows you to connect on your premium account .  


You can start and stop a subscription and edit the payment method directly from the subscription manager


You need to contact us 48 hours prior to your monthly renewal date to cancel your ALPHAI AI premium subscription without being charged.

Contact us directly via chat, email or phone to query about subscription discount conditions. 


Following our policy we cannot issue refunds when a subscription is paid

If you need more information or get any issue with your mailbox, contact us directly.