ALPHA AI is our free slicing software for SOL, DENTIQ, FreeShape, Ackuray 3D printers,  available to download on ALPHA AI page. Standard version of ALPHA AI will always be free.  Paid ALPHA AI Premium module helps to create optimal support and orientation for your dental application, reducing the failed-print rate, you can upgrade to the premium version on ALPHA AI page.



Although ALPHA AI  can be used for any kind of 3D printing application, it is specifically designed for dental applications with built-in resins and support settings.


Software is available for Windows 8/10/11 and currently not available for Mac and Linux OS.



ALPHA AI is designed to be user-friendly. We have developed an intuitive interface and limit the need to make technical decisions. You only need to choose the printer layer thickness to start printing. 


STL files resulting from CAD design can be imported directly into ALPHA AI. Software helps generate support and slice models depending on the application.  Premium function assist to orient the application. 


Design works including orientation and support are automatically saved into a i3DP file that can be reopened in ALPHA AI  to continue editing works .   Slicing operations generate the IBF file that contains printing instructions required by the printer. Thanks to the remote print, an IBF file can be sent to the printer from your computer and start printing.  

ALPHA AI includes advanced functions such as nesting to make sure that all objects are  arranged and fit the build platform area. ALPHA AI and Ackuretta 3D printers are designed to make the dental printing process as simple as possible

ALPHA AI support Premium features include a one-click AI optimized support generation and a STL export function. Find more information on the ALPHA AI page and ALPHA AI Premium article. 

ALPHA AI does regular updates. You can find the software version in Menu > System settings and “Check new version” to update the software. Otherwise, you can check the ALPHA AI page, and subscribe to the news later.